It took me years to learn the importance of base coat in the manicure. I never bothered prepping my nails for color when doing them at home. Not only was wasting time on a manicure that wouldn’t last as long without a base, but I was also doing a disservice to my nails!

Are you skipping the base coat step in your manicure? Or maybe you’re doing it, but not sure why? Read on to discover why you should use base coat every time you paint your nails.

Find out why you should wear a base coat, plus some affordable options that will make a big difference in your manicure! | Slashed Beauty

Healthier Looking & Stronger Nails

The keratin in nails lets water pass through them, but this also lets nails absorb some of the pigment from nail polish. This causes them to stain or become yellow. Using a base coat acts as a barrier between your nails and your polish, protecting them from color transfer. If you wear polish non-stop, it’s natural for your nails to yellow slightly. Base coat can help prevent this, too.

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Even your most basic base coat will also help your nails feel stronger, as the extra layer in your manicure offers reinforcement for your nails. Especially if you have any peeling or small cracks, base coat will smooth over them and keep them from getting worse. Many base coats double as a nail treatment, infused with nourishing ingredients that will make your nails healthier over time. My most-used base coat is the Londontown Kur Nail Hardener & Base Coat, which uses botanical ingredients to hydrate the nails and keep them from splitting, cracking and peeling.

Find out why you should wear a base coat, plus some affordable options that will make a big difference in your manicure! | Slashed Beauty

Better Looking & Longer Lasting Manicures

You can achieve a smoother looking manicure using a base coat. Many of them help fill in any ridges or irregularities to create a nice foundation so that polish applies evenly. This will prevent streaks, and you can probably get away with one less coat of color.

Even if you already use top coat, a base coat will also help extend your manicure’s life with less chips. The formula sticks to your nail while anchoring your polish onto a flexible surface. Base coat bends more easily with your nail, which helps avoid chips.

Base coat is an essential for great looking manicures and healthy nails. There are several reasons your salon manicures always look better, and base coat is one of them. You don’t have to splurge on a fancy base coat like the one I use– there are ton you can pick up at the drugstore or online for a few bucks that will do the trick. Check out my faves below.

My Favorite Base Coats

Do you use a base coat? Can you tell the difference?



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